Jay is off to SA to volunteer for Snap!

In 5 weeks our amazing Snap Volunteers will be flying out from all over the world to work with our children in the most deprived areas of South Africa, giving them voice through our photography but importantly putting great big smiles on the faces! 
Jay lives near Wisconsin in America, here’s what she had to say about choosing to join a Snap Foundation trip this year;

I fell in love with Snap and their mission as soon as I logged on to the website. I knew I wanted to take a break from my studies at university and spend time overseas volunteering, but finding the right organization was overwhelming. The people at Snap made me feel so welcome and helped me realize immediately that Snap was the place for me. Not only do I get the opportunity to share my love of photography, but I get to do so in a way that is impactful for kids in South African communities. What could be better than that? 

We’ll be posting updates throughout Jay’s trip!
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