A click and a whir

That’s all it takes to bring the biggest smiles and gasps of astonishment as our Snap Foundation pupils watch their first polaroids pop out of their cameras.

Snap Foundation has hit the year running once again with a 5 week programme in South Africa where volunteers from all over the world have been teaching children at 14 schools across the townships of Port Elizabeth. The gift of photography over the last few years has brought joy to hundreds of Snap pupils but the gift of physical photographs to take home and share with friends and family has cemented the love of photography for them. They now have memories to hold onto and cherish for years to come.

Everyday is so different from the next but each brings you special moments. Watching a 10 year old boy running off to find his teacher so he can take her portrait, watching them both, grinning ear to ear, patiently wait for the polaroid to roll out, that’s gold. That’s why our volunteers do this, that’s why Snap Foundation exists.